Futuristic Name Generator

This generator name provides you with 15 random names for a futuristic environment. Names for a future setting are a bit difficult because they can be pretty much anything depending on the setting. In this generator, we focused mainly on how names changed all our time and were trying to change the names we use today similarly. Most of the names in this generator are therefore familiar, but different. Although some names may have been used by some people already, they are not usually so common yet, which only further demonstrates how names change all the time.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Futurism is the name of an emerging genre that combines elements of high fantasy, futuristic scifi and steampunk. Futurism, which is sometimes referred to as a hybrid genre, is often seen as a way to combine all three elements in a story. Fantasy has always been associated with high fantasy, which is defined as the subgenre that centers on the magical or supernatural and is characterized by powerful, male-dominated forces and stories set in distant places where magic is real and powerful. Scifi on the other hand was originally concerned with the idea of traveling to far-off places to take part in fantastical adventures, while Fantasy has also traditionally centered on heroic or legendary heroes.

Cyberpunk fiction is a subgenre of cyber-fiction in an alternate future setting that often focuses on a "cyber-combosm," which can consist of any number of elements, ranging from the merging of technology with human nature, to the merging of human beings with technology. Cyberpunk fiction, however, is not only about merging human beings and technology, but also involves a blend of both in order to create a fully immersive cyber-world, and to make it as believable as possible. In cyberpunk fiction, there are two basic types of characters - the hackers, or cyberspace hackers; and the cyborgs, or cybernetic super humans. The cyberspace hackers are people who operate within cyberspace, hacking into computer systems to gain control over them or gain information and use it to the benefit of themselves, their family or their community. Often these cyberspace hackers come from criminal backgrounds, often from abusive backgrounds. The cyborg, on the other hand, are the technologically enhanced beings who are created by robotic androids. Cyberpunk fiction is primarily written by a cyberpunk author; this author's vision can be called the cyberpunk genre.

Fantasy and cyberpunk fiction are both great forms of entertainment and can serve as great inspiration for writers, directors and producers of films. If you want to write some cyberpunk fiction or fantasy fiction, or both, you should explore what you like about each genre and use the ideas from each genre in your writing. Cyberpunk fiction and fantasy are ideal subjects for a story because they provide a rich and interesting background and have many options for your story.

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