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The Akans are a meta-ethnicity which primarily lives on the Ghana and the Ivory Coast with a population of around 20 million people. The Akans are a meta-ethnicity. As a meta-ethnicity they share several similar characteristics, but there are separate subgroups mainly linked to language and cultural differences. Many Akan people were brought as slaves to America, which means that Akan influences can also be found in the United States , especially in the Caribbean, of which Jamaica has the strongest names. The Akans possess a very unique naming system which is based on the day the child is born and on the gender of the child. Thus, a guy born on a Monday is named Kwadwo or Koho, and a girl is named Adwoa. Every day has one or two versions, but typically there is none to choose from. In addition, Akans may also have an average name based on consistency, features, family members or something else. In this generator there are some names that are part of this scheme, particularly the names of where and/or how the birth occurred. The Akans often have family names that are sometimes taken from the side of the father, but often from the side of the mother. This also occurs when your mother has only her parents, and then the name is lost if no one takes her name. Eventually, additional names are given, often a biblical name after a baptism. We didn't include them because there is a separate generator of Biblical names on this site.

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Akan means the language of the Akan, a group of ethnic groups of Ghana. It is also widely spoken in the east and central part of Cote D'Ivoire. Akan contains three main mutually comprehensible dialects: Akwapim Twa, Fante and Asante Twa. Asante Twa is the most widely spoken dialect. Asante Twa is an African language with its roots going back to Bambuhu, the language of Bambuhu in Senegal, Guinea, Gambia and Togo.

Akan dialects Akwapim: Akwapim is a dialect of Akan which is found in parts of Akan State. The dialect is highly developed and is used for formal and informal conversations. It has a very rich vocabulary, including some unusual forms of verbs. Asante: Asante is an Akan dialect which is spoken by the majority of the rural community. It also has many rural dialect variations. Fante: Fante is an Akan dialect which is spoken by a small segment of the urban population. This dialect is not widely spoken.

Akan have many names which reflect their dialect. Akan Akwapimo is one of the most common name given to this dialect. It is found in Cotonou, Akobo and Aneko regions. Akan Akwapa is a name which is widely used in this dialect. The people of Akan speak Fante and Asante dialect. Akano Fante, Akano Asante and Akano Akwapa are other dialects which are commonly used in Akano region.

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