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This generator produces 15 Norman names from various ages and regions. The Normans are descendants of the Vikings who settled between the 10th and 11th century AD in what is known now as Normandy. Its jurisdiction spread to the UK as well as to parts of Italy, Africa and the Canary Islands. The Normans eventually assimilated into this region of Europe, with their comparatively wide territories bordering various countries with different languages, and with many mixtures of natives. Norman names will also shift and transfer them to any area they reside in, so some are more French-language, some more English, some more Germanic and Norse.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

It has been said that the Normans were actually of Celtic origin, so when they arrived in Britain to conquer it for the Catholic faith, their own names have been given to their territory, but the British people also know them by the names' Norman and Welsh. The name of Norman came from the Latin Normans, which means the people of a foreign territory. This is the reason that so many of these people have been brought to the UK and they call themselves British people. So the Norman name for the country became the most common name.

Many people are of the opinion that the Normans came to England from Northern Europe and established the first English culture in the form of the Carolingian Kingdom and the Saxons and in some cases the Vikings as well. These people were the first rulers of what became England and the Normans adopted many traditions that were handed down from the old cultures, such as wearing the long black hair. The Normans were a highly organized military force, and they used that organization to rule what they conquered. In fact, they often had to fight a civil war with the citizens, who did not want them to take control of their culture. In order to deal with this, they invented the Norman culture and named the place after the conqueror.

The Saxons were of Scandinavian origin, and the Norman name for them was simply Saxons, but the name of the place was called the Danelaw, and it became one of the most important centres of Norman culture, along with York. The Saxons founded York, and the Norman name for the place was York Minster, meaning York Minster. The Danelaw was known as a place where the Vikings held meetings, so it became known as a place where Vikings lived, and they built many churches here as well. Some of them stayed there until the eighth century, but then they migrated away after that. So this is why many of the Vikings that settled in Ireland came here. The Vikings became the first Christian invaders to England, and they came from the Danelaw and then settled in Ireland.

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