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You will receive 15 random names for asylum, mental hospitals and other similar facilities. Asylums are typically named in real life either according to the location that they belong to, or according to a individual , usually the person who supported them and a person of significance. However, since the location and personal names are mostly unique to fictional worlds and because there are many generators of places and personal names, we have kept on the geographical names like 'Blossom Hill Asylum.' Most names have a nice meaning, but there are also neutral sound names. We avoided dark sound names because it doesn't make any sense that we give a dark name to an asylum, why would anyone seek help, for example, in a location called the 'Grim Hope Asylum.'

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Many people believe that an asylum has been a place where the mentally sick have been institutionalized for the duration of their lives. But in truth, many states and countries began placing mental patients in mental hospitals in the early twentieth century. These new mental institutions, later to be known as mental hospitals, offered a new type of treatment to mentally ill people and the need for this treatment continued to grow as the years went by. The opening decades of the twentieth century brought about much new international thinking about the treatment and care of those with mental illness.

Madhouses or "Asylums," as they were sometimes called, were used to provide better care to those with mental illness. The term madhouse comes from the Latin "mada" which means "dwelling." There are many different types of madhouses but the most popular is a mental hospital. Most of these madhouses had either a building or a set of buildings where mental patients could be kept in isolation from the general population. These buildings would house the inmates in a separate area of the facility and have different living areas. There was usually a locked gate at the entrance to keep the residents locked up from other inmates. They also usually had their own bedrooms, laundry facilities and some even had cooking facilities.

Some madhouses were run by charities. They were not strictly run by the government and therefore the rules and regulations of these madhouses were often less stringent than those of a normal mental hospital. But most of these madhouses were in fact run by charity organizations. Although there were certain rules, such as one person's insanity cannot be punished more severely than another person's insanity, all inmates in any madhouse were supposed to be treated equally.

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