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This generator of names gives you a total of 15 random names for gorgons, including male versions. Gorgons are usually referred to as (female) humanoid beings with live snakes like fur and a hideous face that transforms you into stone. There are 3 sisters in traditional mythology, Stheno, Euryale and Medusa. Medusa is the most well-known of the three, but in all kinds of fictional pieces combinations of gorgons are very common. I have loosely based the names in this generator on these names but have also added other elements. I have also included names targeted more at male versions of gorgons, while male gorgons are not always seen in fictional works.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Gorgons are a Greek mythological creature that is depicted as immortal and terrifying. While these stories are still popular today, there is an entire genre of Gorgon literature that has developed over time that makes these creatures more fascinating. These creatures are also known as a Medusa because the first female depiction of a Gorgon was a Medusan gorgoneion found in Amphipolis, Greece. Most female Gorgon names come from Greek mythology and some come from Roman history. Some of the most popular Medusa names are:

In Greek mythology, Gorgon (Gorgonian) is the sister of King Aeetes who is described as having long, thin legs. She is a gorgonian and has three heads. She is sometimes represented as wearing two wings on each side of her head and often portrayed as the goddess of wisdom. Medusa is also known as the goddess of death. She was the daughter of Poseidon, who is the god of the sea and was angry with King Aeetes because his wife, Queen Demeter, turned into stone when he refused to give up her soul during a marriage proposal. She is depicted as an immortal creature who could see the future, change the physical appearance of people, control their mind and could turn into various other terrifying creatures. In Greek legend, Medusa was sometimes called "Gorgonia" which means "king of death".

In Egyptian mythology, Gorgon and her sisters were the sisters of Osiris, the son of Khufu, who was the god of the sun. Osiris had been defeated by his brother Set who was the god of evil and darkness. Osiris fled to the underworld to be with the eternal life-giving goddesses, namely the goddesses Khaine, Osiris' sister Netis, Isis and Nephthys who were the god of the sky, the sun, and the earth respectively. The goddesses allowed Osiris to remain with them so that he may find the means to defeat his brother and return to the earth to reign.

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