Kyrian Name Generator (World Of Warcraft)

This naming generator is intended to give you fifteen random names suitable for both the Cyrian of the World of Warcraft and the Warcraft universe in general. They live in Bastion primarily in the Shadowlands and are responsible for safeguarding the souls who pass through the Schadowlands and bring them to Oribos. Only noble souls are sent to Bastion where, before eons of training and meditation they become a wingless Kyrian to become an ascendant, they are ready to become the spiritual healer, Val'kyr, or a path. The Kyrian nomes are inspired by (ancient) Greek names, making female names more melodic than their male counterparts. This generator name follows the following patterns, but ignored names like Inkiep (the innkeeper).

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Kyrian race, the main character in World of Warcraft, is an exotic race of humanoids that inhabit the vast land of Azeroth. This exotic race is known for their agility, intellect, and grace. Most importantly they have the ability to travel between realms with ease. Although the races of Azeroth have many similarities, they each have distinct personality traits, history, and roles that set them apart from one another. The following information can be helpful to the new player when they start playing World of Warcraft and begin traveling across the realm.

Unlike other races, the Kyren are the soul guides that hold the different portals into the Outland and their chosen pocket dimension, Space. They serve as the guardians for the mortal travelers who pass through this portal, but unlike the other covenants they are strictly bound by a divine bond that binds them to a single soul who they call a "bond". Although their purpose is to guard the mortal realms from destruction, there is a more sinister reason they do so. The primary reason they are called "bonds" is because the souls bound to a bonded bond will never return to their bodies. In order for the person bound to a bonded bond to return to their body, they must pass the "death" test. If the person is unable to pass this test, then they will become a corpse and cannot be brought back to life again. If this death test is passed by the mortal then they will be able to return to their bodies, but will experience severe damage.

If the mortal can survive the death test then they will be accepted by the rest of the race of the World of Warcraft. The other part of the story is that they will then be assigned to a different realm where they will have to survive on their own. If they are successful in surviving, they will be rewarded with the knowledge of the different realms and the power to control their very destiny. In order to gain these powers, they will need to partake in PvP combat as a group or with their personal guild. If they do not participate in PvP combat, they will be given the power of their soul, but they will not be fully immortal.