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Finland is a nation in Northern Europe with a population of approximately 5.5 million people. This generator will produce 15 random Finnish names. They 're quite a young country, as only since 1917 have they been independent of Russia. Finland is ranked among the top countries on peace, and often ranks high among other items, similar indexes too. As for name-going, Finns, like many other nations, once a member of the Soviet Union and/or Russia, did not take care of the patronymic surname scheme. While several names tend to be common to the names of other languages and cultures, they may seem very unusual to more western neighbors.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

In Finland, a person's first name and their middle name are almost always the same. They can also be different, although in general, the first name is given by the parents and the middle name is given by either the parents or the grandparents. In some cases the middle name may be a combination of both parents' and grandparents' names, as is the case with some surnames. Most Finnish personal names actually consist of two separate first names joined together into one single middle name.

A person with a common name is called an individual Finnish. This usually includes people who were born in Finland or have roots there, as well as people with a family living in Finland. The other categories of people that qualify as individual Finnish are children of Finnish immigrants, children adopted into Finland, and people who have Finnish citizenship. Other Finnish are called group Finnish. Group Finnish include people with a Finnish father and a Finnish mother, as well as children of Finnish men and women who married Finns.

The group names can be used to give more than one name, but it usually consists of the first and middle names combined. People with one such name do not usually have more than one of these names, unless they have more than one child. They may have a common name and a surname, but their given names may be different. This is because the surname is often different and sometimes has nothing to do with the birth name. Some people have more than one of their names in their family history, and so they can be given more than one name, in which case their surnames will be distinct and unique.

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