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Poland is a Central European country with a population of more than 38 million and its history is very tumultuous and relatively recent. Irrespective of its independence only recovered in 1989, Poland has a high human growth rate and a healthy economy. As far as surnames are concerned, women have surnames that often end in "a." So if your husband or dad has a name that ends up in "cki" or "ski," this end will turn into "cka" or "ska" for your wives or children.

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Polish is a Slavic language that is most likely descended from Polish speakers in Russia and Poland. Millions of ethnic German immigrants were also settled here. In all, more than 20,000 Polish people were taken away from their homeland, moved to the German Reich, and were subjected to "Naziization." The majority of those people had not spoken any German or were in hiding when they arrived. These were often referred to as "undesirables"stragglers." Many ended up living in Poland or Germany before finally settling in America.

One of the many problems faced by those who fled the German Empire was the loss of their identities and names, and this is where a random Polish name would come in handy. Many families chose the name of a family member to be used as a new identity. Sometimes it just didn't matter how common the name was. In other cases, it was simply a name that could stand for whatever the family needed to protect. For example, some families had the names of members and associates tattooed on their bodies. Others chose to use a common name, sometimes a common first initial or a name they were born with.

For the most part, many Polish families lived in ghettos during World War II, but there was no shortage of employment for those who came out of hiding and became part of the American military. They found work in many occupations, including mechanics, auto body repair shops, and even a number of restaurants. Many of them found jobs in the military, although the number was much less than the numbers of those who fled the occupied areas. Some even worked in the government and later were stationed abroad. A lot of those that were stationed overseas spoke Polish as their second language. Their children would often attend Polish schools, and their children would become part of the Polish heritage as well. Because of these reasons, there was a need for a Polish name.

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