Dwarf Name Generator (Magic: The Gathering)

This name generator will send you 15 random dwarf names fit for the Magic: The Gathering Universe. Dwarves are small, bulky humanoids that make their home deep inside mountains that they mine for their precious resources. Nevertheless, not all dwarves dwell in the depths of mountains, some venture outside and make their home in all kinds of areas, like islands. The Dwarves are diverse but not very numerous depending on the aircraft. Divided by catastrophes, they often fail to find their way into their world. Dwarf names in Magic: The collecting universe is more melodic than those usually used in other fictional works for dwarves. They all share the same stronger tones, but where most fictional works concentrate on shorter and harsh sounding names, the names in this universe can be lengthier and gentler. That said, this rule refers more to female names than to male names, male names are still very rough sounding, but there is a lot of variety. There were also plenty of regular card names to deal with so if you're not looking for personal names don't worry, there are plenty of regular card names to choose from.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Dwarf. Dwarf races are very similar to humans but shorter in stature. Dwarf males usually wear long hair and generally live in underground mines, while some of them even live in the forests and even on desert islands. They may have their own language, but it is a very simple one. If you happen to meet a Dwarf, you would immediately know that it is an intelligent race, because Dwarf talk a lot slower than humans do. This does not mean that Dwarf will not be able to learn something fast, it just means that they would prefer to use their brains instead of their mouth.

Dwarf are known for their agility, strength and speed. Although they are shorter in height, they have enough power to catch up with a lot of other races. Dwarves do not really like to fight with other people, but they can take down and throw them through trees and other objects. Because of their power and agility, Dwarfs are able to get into many things, so they are used for mining, building tools, and even crafting armor. But Dwarf have a lot of weaknesses as well, which makes them more vulnerable than other races. There are some Dwarf creatures that are known to be more formidable than the rest.

One of the most powerful creatures of Dwarf is Gorgus. Gorgus is one of the stronger creatures among the Dwarf races. He has been known to have killed the King of Orcs in a single blow. He is not too tall, but has the ability to produce a massive amount of bludgeon and crush everything he comes across with his bare hands. Another Dwarf creature is named Thranax. Thranax is a warrior of the Dwarf race, who is also known as a fierce hunter.

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