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This name generator will send you 15 random names for both RWBY characters and RWBY teams. RWBY is part of Rooster Teeth Productions, a very popular animated web series. RWBY is about four characters, members of the RWBY (Ruby) squad, who are training to become Beacon Academy huntresses to combat the dark creatures known as the 'Grimm Monsters.' They do so in collaboration with some other teams, such as team JNPR (Juniper) and team CVFY (Coffee). The RWBY universe has a set of naming rules set by the author, which are as follows:-Character names must either be a color, sound like a color, have the sense of a color or remind you of a color. - Team names must be 4 characters long, consisting of the first letter of the name of each member of the team and forming an acronym that is either a color, sounds like a color, has a color sense or reminds you of a color. Because 'remind you of a color' is very subjective, we have almost skipped that rule and focused on the other 3 rules. Even while avoiding all the names that could remind you of a color, we were still able to come up with 100 names using color names by themselves. We also usually avoided using similar sounds in team names, such as 'RWBY' vs 'RUBY' or 'REDD' vs 'REDT' vs 'RETT' etc. But even while avoiding this for the most part, we were still able to come up with almost 400 names, so there's plenty to choose from and even more to play around with, if you need a different character to fit the acronym rule, for example. I've also included the color name in brackets behind each name, so you can see how we got the name and you can judge for yourself if you think I've got it.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

What is aRWBY? It's an anime TV show that has been going strong since it started in 2020 and was recently renewed for a second season. It is produced by the amazing studio Rooster Teeth and focuses on the exploits of the teenage Ruby, Weiss, and Yang. RWBY is also known as Revolutionary Girl Utena. The series follows the adventures of Ruby Rose, who is the leader of a group of female students from Beacon Academy, who is all at odds over their own identities and destiny.

The story revolves around a secret mission given by Ozpin to Team RWBY. They must use the powers of each member's element in order to defeat a mysterious enemy and in turn earn the respect of their peers. They will do this by teaming up with each other and defeating the threat, and if they can bring back the element they have lost, they will earn their way into Beacon again. Each of these girls also possesses a unique ability that allows them to be more than just a good fighter.

What makes the show so exciting and interesting is the fact that the characters are all very unique. They are all different, from those who are extremely serious to those who are just going about their normal daily lives. The story and action are very fun to watch, because there are so many twists and turns throughout the episodes that make you keep on watching. The show also has great voice acting, which is just as entertaining as the animation. There are several websites online that offer free downloads of the anime TV show, but if you want to enjoy all of the great features of the show, you can buy the season DVD's or buy the full version of the show. The show is definitely worth watching, but is not meant to be a source of entertainment for everyone, as it is still pretty heavy on action.

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