Kig-Yar Name Generator (Halo)

This name generator will send you 15 random names for the Kig-Yar, part of the Halo universe. The Kig-Yar is an alien species that resembles birds as well as reptiles. They have a great sense of hearing, smell and sight, which is why they are often used as scouts and snipers. The names of kig-yar are short, 1 syllable names with one vowel only. There might be titles, as there are two female Kig-Yar names Chur'R-Yar and Chur'R-Mut, both of which are 'shipmistresses,' so 'Chur'R-' may be the shipmistress title. Since their names are only 3-4 characters long and because there seems to be no clear difference between male and female names, we have not differentiated them. There is a Kig-Yar subspecies named the T'vaoan. Mostly they are the same as Kig-Yar but they are stronger, faster and more agile. Besides that they have two names, rather than just one.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Kig-yar are reptilian/avian species that served the Covenant during the Covenant War as privateers and fighters. There are actually two different sub-groups of the Kig-yar, which humans refer to as Skimmers and Jackals. This being a reptile creature, it can be considered a dangerous predator of the Covenant. The Jackal sub-group of the Kig-yar have been seen throughout the Halo games, and are typically found in the Flood containment level of Installation 05, and later at the Halo multiplayer level, The Ark. Their main role is to distract the Covenant forces with a high speed chase. The Skimmer sub-group is more stealthy and usually targets larger ships that they can easily overpower. The Halo Kigyar's main weapon is the energy sword.

The Halo Kigyar has the ability to change their forms, but are primarily a large predatory reptile with a large sharp mouth. Their armor is mainly made up of armor plating, which is tough and durable enough to withstand a lot of damage. They have a wide, strong jaw, making it possible for them to kill large prey. Kig yar tend to favor larger prey, but have also killed small Covenant troops using their energy sword. One Kigyar also has the ability to regenerate its health, so they can get back up after being downed by a big target. Also, because of the reptilian nature of the Kigyar, when hit in the face with their sword, they do not go flying, instead they tend to remain standing. This also makes them somewhat harder to shoot down with a gun.

In Halo: Reach, the Kigyar can be seen being used by the Covenant in combat and as one of the more difficult Covenant enemies to beat. Their armor is much more resilient than the Jackal's, making them very difficult to harm, despite their size. Their energy sword is a more formidable weapon as well, making them a better choice in close quarter fighting, and in close range combat. They also have a "power hook" mounted onto the front of their helmet, which they use to trap their victims and choke or kill them.

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