Roegadyn Name Generator (Final Fantasy XIV)

This name generator gives you a total of 15 names appropriate for the Roegadyn race in the Final Fantasy Universe. Their strength has become part of their culture, and they are very important for bravery and competitiveness. There are of course exceptions to this; certain members are, for instance, a little more introverted. There are two Roegadyn forms, each with its own naming conventions. The first is the Wolves of the Sea. Sea Wolf names are the first 5 names in this generator. The names of the Sea Wolf are simple to make, since they all derive from two words of their ancient language, the language of their ancestors. Over time some words have been lost, but a lot of words still have to be selected from. The name is placed in brackets after the name.Names are typically a combination of an adjective and a noun, such as 'Strong Fire.' Male names can use all of the nouns known to men but women can only use Bryda (Bride), Geim (Jewel), Lona (Gatherer), Rael (Doe), Swys (Sister) and Wyda (Willow) as eight. There are some variations, but we have sticked to these eight on this generator; the other Roegadyn, the Hellsguard, have names similar to the Sea Wolves, but they use English rather than a foreign language. They also prefer to stick to nature-related nouns. Female names also include a flora or plant as a descriptive, but anything similar is not unusual. Hellsguard names are the last 5 names in this generator.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Roegadyn race from Final Fantasy XIV is a water-dwelling race found in the eastern seas of Eorzea. Its members resemble the Galkas of Final Fantasy XI, however, they lack a tail and do not appear as ursine-like. They are members of the Sea Wolves tribe and live primarily by the sea as fishing fishers. Roegadyn names come from Roegados, the god of the sea, who is worshiped by most of their tribes. Some of their names are also similar to those of the Archadian Empire's imperial navy.

A Roegadyn in Final Fantasy XIV is classified as being an aquatic creature, meaning they can breathe air and not water. They are usually light-skinned but have dark hair. Their body is covered with fins, giving them the ability to swim. Their fins grow longer as they grow older. Roegadyn can be found on the islands of Ul 'dah, Limsa Lominsa and Ul' dah. In these cities, they are found mostly around the shores and at the entrances to ports and docks.

If you find yourself encountering a Roegadyn in a Final Fantasy XIV quest, there is a chance they may also appear in other online role-playing games. Many people who have participated in role-playing forums or message boards have noticed that Roegadyn names were almost always used in the games that they play. If you happen to encounter a Roegadyn during your exploration of this world, it is best to make note of their information. When you return to them, there is a good chance you will be able to get an insight into their culture, as well as their strengths and weaknesses as a race, as well as how they use their various abilities.

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