Wyvern Name Generator

This generator generates 15 random names for wyverns. Wyverns are dragon-like creatures except that they usually have 2 legs and a barbed tail. Normally Wyverns don't even breathe fire, but the dick is venomous. All these specifics, however, differ from fiction work to fiction work. As far as names go, wyvern names seem to sound much worse than their dragon counterparts, possibly because wyverns often appear as less intelligent, more animalist and hostile or for some other reason. In any case, we based on those names in this generator. If you are looking for more melodic names, it is nice to start with the dragon name generator.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The name Wyvern has been associated with dragons since the ancient times of human civilization, but it actually originated from an English word "wegwarth" meaning dragon. The English word came from a Celtic word "wergadh" meaning serpent or dragon. The word Wyvern is believed to be derived from this word. Some believe that the Wyvern was created as a symbol of the Roman Emperor's power, which was at stake in his struggles to rule the realm of Britannia. The word "wyvern" has also been linked to the Roman "Vesta", the goddess of the earth, as well as the Celtic goddess "Sessi", the virgin Earth goddess.

A Wyvern is a mythical creature, most commonly depicted as a bipedal snake-like reptile with a short tail ending in an arrow or diamond shaped tip. Wyvern often have only two limbs and no front or back appendages, unlike their dragon counterparts. They usually have a long tail for balance, which gives them the ability to run swiftly, jump high and move rapidly through the air. A Wyvern can move very quickly and is said to be the fastest creature on earth. They can breathe fire, but they usually prefer to stay underwater.

Dragons are much larger than Wyvern and are often depicted as fierce fighters. Many myths and stories of dragons have been told throughout the ages, but none have survived into modern times. In some tales, dragons are seen as ferocious creatures that only dwell beneath the ocean, and not on land, however, this is believed to be a misconception. In other stories, dragons are shown to be fierce, destructive fighters who are known to eat people alive. Although they are often depicted as fierce warriors, they do not necessarily carry out brutal attacks upon the humans who stumble across them. The Wyvern, on the other hand, is portrayed as a very gentle creature that only wants to help the humans in need.

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