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Armenia is a relatively small country in Eurasia, which is bordered by Turkey to the West, Iran in the North and many other nations. This name generator will produce 15 random Armenian names. Like many countries in the region, Armenia has a tumultuous history and people of diverse cultures have dominated it. Armenian, Assyrian, Kurdish, Russian and Greek have been accepted as national languages as a result, but the official language is Armenian. Notice that Armenia has its own alphabet, so some names might be incorrect because of its alphabet translation.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The name of the country of the former Russian Empire, formerly known as the Republic of Armenia is derived from the ancient language of the Armenian people. It is said that the first name of this region was 'Amerikanian' which in turn was the title given to the country by the Mongol Empire a couple of thousand years ago. It became the name of the country in the modern era after the collapse of the empire. This is where the name 'Armenian' comes from and the name of the state is derived from the name 'Arman'. Nagorno-Kabach-Key facts on the region.

A mountainous region of approximately 4,000 square kilometers (1,200 square miles), Nagorno-Karabach-Key facts on the country. Historically populated by Christian Christians and Turkic Muslims. Internally recognised as an autonomous province within the state of Azerbaijan, but most of the population is ethnic Turkish. Historically the country was a major transit country between Europe and Asia. Today there are many ethnic minority populations, with the highest number being the Jewish community. The main religion of the country is Islam, although other religions are also practiced. The main language is the Aramaic.

One of the oldest regions of the country, the main population of Nagorno Karabach-Key facts on the region. This is a place that is close to all aspects of the life of the modern world. The capital of the country is Yerevan. The region is located in the foothills of the Caucasus mountain range. Most of the regions of the region are mountainous and there are many national parks and forests. The area is also known for its culture, history, food, cuisine, handicrafts, clothing, handicrafts and more. The region is also popular as a place where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and a place where you can be near people who speak your own native tongue.

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