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This generator of names will send you 15 random names for banshees, but they will also work for like minds and animals. A banshee is a female spirit who mourns and appears to cry out loud for the loss of a parent. There are several different types of banshees today, some exist for instance with tremendous amount of discomfort, while others simply have the capacity to deaf their enemies. Almost often the contrasting topic is very loud crying, and women's spirits. Banshees come from Irish mythology, and as such, the only named banshees are called Irish. As we already have an Irish name generator on this blog, we decided to concentrate solely on the nicknames. For eg, names like "The Ivory Maiden" or "The Shrieking Wife." These names are also more prevalent in games, but if you wish to add more backgrounds to your banshee and need a personal name, you can certainly start with actual names, either Irish or otherwise, depending on the cultural context that you need.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

If there is one thing that is always associated with Halloween in Ireland, it is the Banshee. A Banshee is a ghostly female spirit in Irish mythology who heralds death in the family, usually by weeping, screeching, or wailing. Her name was most likely related to the mythical tumulus or "mounds" which dot the countryside, known as sĂ­dhe in Old Irish, where she was associated with the underworld. In ancient times, she was also associated with the underworld itself, and many people, who had been buried alive with a hook on their ankle, used to haunt the houses of the people they had left behind and would cry out in pain if approached. She was also said to be a nymph, an elemental being that could travel through water in the form of a ghost. Some scholars believe that the Banshee's name came from a corruption of "banna" meaning "water".

In the old Irish tradition, the Banshee always appeared as a hideous wight with a pitch-black face, and a long white robe. She was accompanied by a swarm of winged creatures resembling moths. She would fly up to the house of her victim and scream her torments upon them, thus causing them to die either by drowning or starvation. The people who had been tortured to death were said to be reborn on Halloween night to find a full moon in the sky. The Banshee would then return to her home and pass on the curse to a new victim.

In modern times, the Banshee has become something of a national symbol. She is often seen with a large sash in the evening sky and carrying a lantern, which sometimes contains a bag of sweets for the children to take home with them. She is often portrayed as a black haired woman with long flowing hair, and she has been dressed in black, with red ribbons on her arms and a veil around her head. The Banshee can also be seen carrying a bag of coins, a bag of sweets, or a sack containing coins. from one victim to another on Halloween night. The Banshee has also been seen carrying a small child dressed as a devil and carrying a bag of sweets and a wand.

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