Redguard Name Generator

This name generator gives 15 random names suitable for the Elder Scrolls games Redguard caste. The Redguards are a race of people with dark skin, frequently celebrated for their fighting skills. However unlike the Imperials, the Redguard operates best alone or in small groups rather than massive battalions. All these names are developed with rules like how names tend to be formed in Elder Scroll games, so most of the generator names are suitable, some may even be the same as in-game names. The Redguard has no last names, but some do in the games. This is generally because of a marriage or related occurrence.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Redguard was originally born in a land of ancient Yokuda. These natives are originally derived from a forgotten continent of Yokuda, which is now located in the far east. They are known for their fierce martial art, bravery and martial skill. In addition to their strong body, reds also have a dark skin color with a deep red tint to it. This type of skin is very rare in human beings because most reds tend to have lighter skin tones. So, the reason why this type of skin is rare is because of the fact that the majority of humans have a lighter skin than other types of reds.

So, these Redguard races of the Elder Scrolls are now going to be introduced to the world of the Elder Scrolls in one of the best games ever. The first Redguard race to be introduced is the Argonian race. The Argonian is actually a member of the Khajiiti family that has three genders in their race. These three genders are male, female, and child.

Male Argonians are known as Argonians and they have greenish skin and black hair. Female Argonians are called Redguard and they have red skin and black hair. The child gender is called a Redguard infant and they have red skin and brown hair. When the two genders have the same skin, they are known as siblings.

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