Breton Name Generator

This generator will give you 15 names that match the Elder Scrolls Breton race. Bretons are a race of people with a natural magic ability. These names generate with rules that are similar to how names appear in elder scroll games to be made, so the majority of the generator names will fit into them, some of them may even be the same as in-game names. Both men and women use the same last names. As with their first names, Breton last names typically sound like (very) abstract British names (some variations that have been produced would make no sense).

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Breton is the native language of the Breton people, who are found mainly in the southern part of Tamriel. They are a group of Dunmeri who are originally from the province of Valenwood. Most people who are of the Breton race are known as Breton, but many of them have adopted the modern names that are also used by most people of other races. The original word of the family was "Bruder" which is an adjective that means proud or high. In fact, the word itself is related to the term "bringen" which is German for a ridge.

There are a lot of Breton names that are common in the Elder Scrolls games. Male names that can be used for the Breton people are Aelred, Arnolf, Aron and Branka. Female names include Carin, Elana, Milla and Luana. Other names that are used include Blacher, Braith, Denna and Gwen. Male names of the male race include Bralor, Brabus and Brar. Female names include Grelod, Delva and Deyna. For out-of-game references, you can use the Elder Scrolls game manual for more information.

When you start playing the new game in the Elder Scrolls series called "Skyrim," the first character that you will meet will be named Baurus. It is interesting to note that unlike many other races, the Breton have a unique trait called the "Sneak" skill. This skill allows them to run and hide from their enemies. It is said that a true Breton is a combination of the best parts of a human being and a dragon.

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