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This generator will give you fifteen random names for kitsune and similar animals, although their names which match a broad variety of Japanese animals. Kitsune means fox, which is exactly what kitsune are, except for its magic abilities in folklore. Kitsune are intelligent beings that evolve as they age and develop more knowledge and magical powers. However, irrespective of age, every kitsune normally has the ability to turn into a human form. Their powers, particularly their age and their knowledge, can sometimes be demonstrated by the quantity of tails of a kitsune of 9. Although many kitsune use their abilities to become guardians and mates of people all-round, others others use their skill to play tricks. You can find 2 kinds of names in this name generator. The first form, represented by the first five names, is a random name which is Japanese in sound, but is typically just fake words and names. Occasionally, though, you can find a real name or term, but that is very unusual. You would want to search for the second form of name, identified by the last 5 nomes, if you are searching for actual names. The last five names are real names and in brackets I have inserted the meanings of those names. We only selected the names that we feel suit a fox, so the majority of names refer to their look and personality.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

In Japanese folk tales and Yojimbana mythology, Kitsune are beautiful, magical creatures who live in forested regions. According to these legends, Kitsune were once women but have been transformed by a demon, the Nine-Tailed Fox. When this demon transforms them, they are transformed into animals, such as bears and foxes. In fact, Kitsune can be translated as 'nine tails' in English because nine different tails are used to describe their transformations. This myth was so popular that it was adapted into an early Japanese poem called Kaleidarimon. The name Kitsune comes from this poem.

In Yojimbana mythology, Kitsune appear as an eight-limbed, serpentine demon with long tail. They are loyal allies of King Tai Chi, who rules the realm of Taijitu, in the Japanese version. The nine tails are also known as the Eightfold Path of the Heaven and Earth. In other versions of the legend, however, there are nine tails, but they are not referred to as the Eightfold Path. Instead, nine tails signify that Kitsune are evil. Many myths of the Kitsune in Chinese folklore describe them as evil and deceitful. In the Chinese version, they are evil and malicious, and the Nine-Tailed Fox was born from their cruelty.

The story of the Kitsune in Japanese folklore may have origins in Japanese Yojimbana mythology, as well as the mythologies of other Asian countries. However, the Kitsune has not been found in other myths of Asian origin. According to Japanese tradition, the Kitsune is a beautiful fairy who lives in the mountains and can transform into a fox, which is why she is often called 'nine tailed fox' or 'Fox demon'.

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