Hollow Name Generator (Bleach)

This name generator gives you 15 random names for the Hollows in the Bleach universe. Hollows are souls born who do not move into the Soul Community. They normally live in Hueco Mundo, but they can go into the human realm, where they delight the souls of both the living and the deceased. Their greed makes them extremely dangerous, which is why they are pursued by Shinigami and Quincy to protect civilization. The first one, like Shrieker, is a verb-based name. The second is often based on animal behavior or behavior such as Hexapodus, Fishbone D or Grand Fisher. The last guy is evidently random with names such as Gagamel, Runuganga, Ayon and Bawabawa. This generator contains all three forms.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Hollows are a group of undead creatures from the Dark Souls game series, an undead race who have died several times over, leaving their souls still decaying away. They are found in a variety of locations, often appearing as a corpse with no head or limbs, just floating skin on the ground. They seek out soul-seeking creatures, such as bonfires, and usually come in three categories: Regular, Lord, and Marked. Hollows will attack the player as soon as they enter their territory, although they don't attack unless they have been alerted to your presence by either their souls or other creatures. They are most commonly found in Undead Parish but can also be found in other areas, such as Lordran, The Duke's Archives, Drangleic Castle, and The Catacombs.

Hordes of Hollows can be encountered at bonfires throughout the game, and players will need to dispatch them by using weapons that are meant for these hollow creatures. Players need to find weapons that can do damage to the Hollow's weak body parts, such as their bones and skin. It is best to use a weapon with high fire resistance when trying to kill a Hollow using a regular sword. Using a bow is also recommended. The bow has more damage and is also much easier to hit Hollows with.

When it comes to regular melee weapons, players can either use the Warrior's Greatsword or the Defender. When it comes to throwing weapons, players can use the Hammer of Dawn or the Throwing Dagger. When it comes to spells, there are only a handful of them that you can cast at any given time. These include the following: Dark Flare, Dark Fog, Black Scorpion, Dark Magic, Holy Fire, and Dark Talon. These spells will do minimal damage to the Hollow, although they will drain stamina, which will make them useless when fighting. When in combat with a Hollow, the player should try to stay away from melee range, since they are highly vulnerable to most of their attacks.

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