Spanish Name Generator

This generator will produce fifteen random Spanish names and surnames. Spain is a nation with a population of almost 47 million in the southwest of Europe. Thanks to its colonial history, Spanish is still used in a large part of South America (not to mention elsewhere in the world), which puts Spanish among the largest languages in the world. Obviously there are cultural variations between these countries, both with regard to language usage and popular names. This generator of names focuses exclusively on common names used in Spain, but many would also suit in other countries that speak Spanish.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Many people think that when they hear "Spanish" it conjures up images of Mexican immigrants or Spanish-speakers all over the world. Unfortunately, the word Spanish does not originate in Mexico and there is no such thing as a "Mexican Spanish". There are several regions in Latin America and in the Western Hemisphere that have unique cultural differences from each other but the root of the word, spanish, is the same across most cultures.

In the USA, the term Spanish can refer to many different things, but they all include Latin American Spanish and that is the main language spoken in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. The U.S. acquired these three territories in 1857, and all of them are bilingual in English and Spanish. The Spanish-American war was a World War I conflict between Spain and the USA, which ended with the U.S. gaining control of Latin American territories in the Western Hemisphere and Puerto Rico, which include Puerto Plata, Aruba and Cuba. During this war, the U.S. was forced to pay for the Cuban Revolution and that led to many Americans being turned away at the border when they arrived on vacation.

Although most Americans do not know what a Spanish is, the majority of Spanish speaking people speak other European languages or at least have some degree of understanding of some form of Spanish. In some ways the number of people who know what a Spanish is growing by the day but the reality is that most people still do not speak the language and most people who do speak Spanish still do not use it when they need to communicate with the native population. That is the reason that the popularity of the word Spanish has soared in recent years.

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