Westeros Name Generator (Game Of Thrones (ASoIaF))

This name generator will send 15 random names to the Westeros people, both part of the TV show Game of Thrones and the book series A Song Of Ice And Fire. The Free People North of the wall, however, have their own generators, since their culture and names vary from the others. There are obviously cultural differences among the various areas of Westeros, but all areas are basically the same naming conventions with some regional modifications, and we mean Westeros without the Free Folk, any time we refer to Westeros on this website. All names are either real English names, true anglo-saxon names, true historical names from other cultures or slightly changed names to build a new name that suits the modern world. We stuck to recent forms, as the English-saxon name generator and to a certain degree the English name generator cover the other kinds pretty much. We then took a list of hundreds of names and changed the names to suit the Westeros people. We also made sure there are a wide range of names, but we didn't include names of major characters, some may have slipped into them anyway. The slight cultural variations are mostly evident in the nicknames, while the term appears to be the same in Westeros. Royal families also have many different names, like the Lannisters, but the majority of them have their origins in either actual cultures or are names that have been slightly altered. As mentioned, the nicknames display some differences. In the north there are typically short and often descrptive surnames (Stark, Locke, Moss, Slate), while on the iron, water and sea (Greyjoy, Blacktyde, Saltcliffe) there are generally names on the Iron Islands. There are of course lots of names that could suit any region, especially as marriages and war have spread a few names and ruined others. As in A Song of Ice and Fire families are so important, we have included in the generator all of Westeros' household names, so if you are trying to have a character that is part of an established family, you can find the first 5 names. Please note that we have mentioned family surnames that once existed but are now extinct. The last 5 surnames will be made up of by changing existing surnames again (or simply by using a term as the surname). It's very easy to do if you want to build your own surnames. Only modify 1 or 2 letters depending on the special nature of your surname. For example , change an I to a y (Spicke-Spyke), an ai (Whale-Whaile) or f to ph (Fire-Phire), double a consonant, or add an extra vowel, or delete the vowel (Granite-Raine), or the consonant, for example. Combine a few or more or change a up letters completely and you'll get all sorts of original surnames (Fire - Phyre, Knight - Kneigh, Forest - Farrest).If your character is a bastard, he or she will have a name depending on where he or she is born, as follows: Snow (The North), Sand (Dorne), Flowers (The Reach), Hill (The Westerlands), Pyke (Iron Islands), Storm (The Stormlands), Waters (King's Landing and Dragonstone), Stone (The Vale), Rivers (The Riverlands).

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Game of Thrones television series is based on the books of George R.R. Martin, who has written eight novels and many short stories that have become immensely popular with readers. His world of Westeros is one in which the Seven Kingdoms are divided among seven major factions; each with its own set of political and military institutions. In this fictional world, there are many Westeros figures that are considered to be very famous: King's Landing, Winterfell, the Iron Throne, the Seven Kingdoms, and the Reach, among other key locations.

There are also many Westeros names that are important to some of the more famous characters. The most prominent of these is the name of King Joffrey, which is used by many people in reference to the king and his reign. He is known as the "Red Viper" because of his fiery temper and cruelty towards his enemies, though the fact is that he was actually named that because of the blood that was on his sword. The character of Lord Eddard Stark, who became the head of the royal family after his father's death, was known as a loyal and upright man, and was known as such by his title, Lord of Winterfell. This title was used by both him and his wife, Sansa, which were used during the civil war of the Targaryen dynasty. Lord Eddard's son, Robb, was known as the Prince of Winterfell, a title which has been given to many other members of the Stark family.

Some of the more infamous Westeros names include Lord Bolton, who was a member of the royal family of Bolton; Prince Aemon, who were the Lord Paramount of the Seven Kingdoms; and Ser Loras, who are one of the most powerful noblemen in the Seven Kingdoms. There are many other notable people who call their home in Westeros, such as Queen Cersei; King Joffrey; Tywin Lannister; Oberyn Martell; and the High Septon. Other notable places from the Seven Kingdoms include the Red Waste and the Vale, the Iron Islands, and the Dornish Marches. As previously mentioned, the names of many of the most famous people are based on some of the most popular Westeros events, such as the rise and fall of the great Houses of the Seven and the formation of the political and military structures that helped shape the Seven Kingdoms.

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