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This generator name gives you 15 random names for supercomputers and related equipment. Supercomputers are literally incredibly performing machines far beyond regular, personal computers. It is used to address complex problems in fields such as quantum mechanics, climate analysis, weather forecasts and other science areas. While the first supercomputers were only installed during the 1960s, there are now thousands and thousands of supercomputers, with increasingly fast and efficient capabilities. Others may have brand names or code names, but for this generator we skipped them. The names in this generator include fast or powerful creatures, gods, objects, and a few other topics. But there's a lot to choose from. However, because thousands of supercomputers are present all over the world, some names can already be used. If this is the case, a fast Internet search can show value to you.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

What are a Supercomputer and What is it Used For? Computers are computers and they need to be powered by electricity to operate and function properly. In most instances, a computer is the brain or central processing unit of a large network of computers and networks of computers work together with software programs in order to accomplish specific tasks. With all these computers in a network it makes sense to name the computers that make up that system and then what kind of applications they perform.

The Cray-1 Launched in 1976One of the earliest supercomputers ever to use Integrated CircuitsPerforms calculations at the rate of 160 megahertz. Notable for its "C" shaped architecture, which enabled the hardware to improve the speed of the software. Also, this was the very first time we had a working large scale machine that could execute both analog and digital computations. The IBM 604 was the first machine that made use of a microprocessor; however, it could only perform one type of operation. The first computer to make use of an integrated circuit was the Bell Labs' PDP-11.

The Cray 2 was also named after an iconic supercomputer in popular culture and one of those supercomputer names that has stuck. This machine was the first to utilize a parallel supercomputer engine which is the same technology used by supercomputers like IBM's Blue Gene/Q, the first to perform multiple operations in parallel. It also made use of a series of logic gates, which were similar to how a computer works to process information and send the output back to the computer. The next supercomputer in the Cray family was the Cray supercomputer 7. The machine was able to perform many different functions at the same time and was able to do much more than its predecessors. After the PDP-11 was replaced by the IBM 7090, the machine was able to perform a full-blown program in less than thirty seconds.

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