Tellarite Name Generator (Star Trek)

This generator will create 15 random names at a time, appropriate for the Star Trek universe Tellarite species. The Tellarites were a race of small humanoids with snouts, large paws, hoof-like hands with only 3 fingers and deep-set eyes surrounded by raw skin. Tellarites are impatient, stolent and stubborn, and any feelings they had were generally strongly felt. Arguing was a sport very much enjoyed by the Tellarites. They would start by complaining to them when meeting a new person, but if there were nothing to complain about they would simply revert to insulting the other. Tellarite names are very guttural and contain plenty of hard sounds. No female Tellarite has ever been seen, let alone named, in canon productions, but they were in unofficial canon productions, so we used those names for both male and female names. Tellarites often have an uncapitalized part in their name, between their first name and surname. We found a few posts by the author who used this method for the first time (Christopher L. in Aftermath) and he said that the intent of those parts is similar to 'tussenvoegsels' in Dutch, which are nicknamed words. They are like the 'da' in Leonardo da Vinci (meaning Leonardo of Vinci) without going too technical in our explanation, and to quote the author. Other writers used other terms in later works, which could also be used as 'tussenvoegsels' or they could be something entirely different. As if to show the relationship between two Tellarites, a place in society or something entirely different. It is up to you, pretty much.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Tellarite civilization was once ruled by the Federation of Terran Nations (FTN), but after they left behind their artifacts that would become known as Tellarite star trek gear. The Tellurites was a rather porcine race whose facial features were somewhat similar to that of an ox. They had dark eyes set into deep eye sockets, and wide pink pupils. Their skin was rough and brown, and usually covered with thick hair. They sported very small, claw like teeth. They had very thick, flat hands that sported no nails. Their heads were large and flat, with no nostrils.

These characteristics make the Tellarite Star Trek character, "The Doctor," a very fascinating one. He is the central character of the Star Trek series Star Trek: The Original Series. The Doctor was the medical officer aboard the USS Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk. The Doctor is not the only character from this civilization that was played by an alien actor. There was another character, "Zephram Cochrane", who played the same character on the show. Zephram Cochrane is also an alien, having been an African-American actor.

The Tellarite people were very different from humans, at least technologically speaking. They did not have any form of agriculture, for example. Instead, they lived in caves and wore clothes made from the skins of animals. They didn't even have any form of art, except for the ones they made out of the bones of animals they killed. They did not have any cities of any kind. This is one of the reasons why they were so different from humans. The other aspect of their society was that they never went anywhere without leaving a mark behind themselves.

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