Orc Name Generator (Warhammer)

This name generator will give you 15 random names for the Orcs part of the Warhammer universes. Orcs are huge, Greenskin beings that rely mostly on their sheer physical strength to get things done rather than on their intelligence, which they tend to lack. Their size, strength and often superior ferocity make them dangerous enemies. Combined with their survival instincts and surprising cunning, they could make a near-instoppable force if not because of their lack of intelligence and love of close quarter combat. Orc names are, in most cases, guttural and strong sounding. Harsher tones are also fairly common, but not as common in their Goblin cousins' names as these. Unfortunately we found no named female orcs, but the names in this generator are sufficiently diverse to be able to separate into male and female names if desired. But most if not all names can also be considered unisex.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Orcs of Warhammer Online have some of the highest attack power and damage potential in any game. Their reputation in the Warhammer Online game is well-deserved, as they have been instrumental in the rise of many Greenskin tribes over the years, especially the Iron Horde. Orcs are highly aggressive, tough, dangerous, and incredibly efficient troops, especially in large armies of extremely tough, hard-to-kill fighters. They are also often backed up by a number of smaller sub-unit groups of Greenskin warriors, often with the goal of securing the horde's weak spots.

One of the best Warhammer Orc names that you can choose for your character would be "Orc Brutus", which is an awesome name for an Orc Warlord, particularly if he is one of the more powerful types, since he would be very aggressive and hard-hitting. Other good Warhammer Orc names include "Orcus", which is the personal title of the greatest Orcs, because of his high rank in the Orkish army. Others include "Braxus"Gordun", which are also powerful characters from Warhammer Online, and can be a good choice to consider when choosing an Orc character for your Warhammer world. The "Gordun" Orc character, as mentioned earlier, is also a powerful character, who is a fierce fighter and would make a good warrior and leader. These are just some of the best Warhammer Orc names that you can choose, and they will help you out tremendously in Warhammer Online.

Another good Warhammer Orc name that you can use in Warhammer Online would be "Drogor", which is a very strong, hard-hitting Orc who is an enemy in the game and an enemy in real life. There are a lot of out there, so finding a unique character that fits your character and your personality is going to be important. Fortunately, there are a lot of Orc characters out there that are very interesting and have very unique traits, that you may find appealing and memorable, regardless of whether you choose to play them as an Orc in the Warhammer Online game or not. So choose your character today and see how awesome they are!

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