Asturian Name Generator

Asturias is an autonomous region in north-west Spain and has a population of about 1 million people. This generator name gives you 15 random Asturian names. Their documented history began with the Romans who could not conquer the Asturians fully. Similarly, the Visigoths and the Moors could not conquer the Asturians fully. Asturias was ultimately defeated by Castilians and became a member of the Kingdom of Spain and they only regained some sort of independence by 1981 when they became a self-governing nation. Asturian names were mostly somewhat similar to Spanish names after having been a part of the Kingdom of Spain so long, but there is little distinction here and there. One such distinction, for example, are names beginning with 2 l, but other distinctions may be even more subtle.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

So you have just taken the advice from your friend and are now headed to Asturias in Spain! You are welcomed. You will be drinking some sherry, or perhaps sidra! And most likely a ton of cider!

While this might seem like just a simple enough task, the culture surrounding Asturian sherry is quite I would suggest you give yourself a head start here and prepare yourself for all the fun and adventure that lie ahead! First of all, there are many interesting islands within the region. You will not know which of them you have been until you are on the islands and experience the culture and the people. And when you are there you will find that the food, wine, and music are second to none! I can't tell you how many great stories I have heard about people drinking these kinds of sherry and making memories while they do so! It is truly one of a kind.

Asturian are also famous for their food, which is a combination of Spanish and French influences as well as elements of Italian, Chinese, and other European cuisines. This cuisine uses different kinds of grapes, different kinds of fruit, different spices, and other things that help create a special type of dish. This is what you will see at most restaurants in the region. In my opinion, if you were ever to try it at home then you must try it. Not only are the wines and the food delicious, but the ambiance and the atmosphere at restaurants that serve this style of cuisine are incredible. I highly recommend that you try it sometime during your next visit to this beautiful region!