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The Welsh surnames were used for a patronymic system like the Irish and Scottish systems, which formed part of the law, but laws and naming conventions changed and surnames became shorter and shorter. The Welsh surnames are frequently common names with a s at the end. There are not many surnames, and it is not uncommon to find in a village several unrelated families with the same surname.

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The Celtic language is spoken in Scotland, Ireland and in many other places around the world. It has been described as "the mother tongue of Scots". The Celtic people are an ethnic group of Indo-European people who have been identified by their genetic relationship to the British Isles, Italy and Greece. Today, there are about two million speakers of this language. Today's most well known and spoken language is English. This is not to say, however, that all Celtic speakers are English speakers. In fact, it is estimated that only one percent of all English speakers would be able to understand and speak Celtic at all.

There are several distinct dialects of Celtic, which can be found today. The dialect of today's English speakers is known as Standard English. In this dialect, all the varieties of dialect are combined together and changed a little bit, giving rise to the Standard American English which we hear today. Many people would tell you that the Standard English of today's society is very difficult to comprehend, but it was actually not that way back in the day. Before we speak English, many of the people that were around at the time did not understand the language as well. Therefore, they would use their own language to communicate and it has been said that some people were quite illiterate in the early days of English.

Today, English is spoken by a large percentage of the population, but many people still do not understand or speak Celtic. Because of this, the language has been called the lost tongue of the Scottish. This may be true because over the centuries, many of the people who have spoken the language have now died out. The language has even been considered as a national language in Scotland and in Ireland, where many of the Irish speakers still speak the language. If you would like to learn more about the history of this unique language and the dialect of today's English speakers, I strongly suggest that you take a course in Celtic today.

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