Evil Name Generator

This generator name will provide you with 15 random names that match witches, goths, warlocks, and other unhealthy characters. But the names in this generator will at least be darker and therefore match very well those on the darker side of life. The names vary from the obvious (maybe the cliche) to more obscure and common names, such as "Deville."

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

In the past, people have used evil as a kind of shorthand for 'bad'. But in the contemporary world, evil has become more complex than this. There are many kinds of evil, from religious evil to political evil, and from interpersonal evil to environmental evil. Evil, in general, is the absence or opposite of goodness. In everyday use, it's usually used more vaguely, as in 'evil in the workplace'evil in politics'. In philosophy, however, evil is a much more complex idea. And philosophers such as Nietzsche and Einstein used the idea of evil to demonstrate that morality was a false concept.

The word 'evil' has two different meanings. Firstly, the Bible uses the word to indicate that which is wrong. For instance, God has been described as 'a just God'a God of justice'. Secondly, evil can mean literally anything that is opposed to good. In other words, evil may refer to violence, greed or greediness, cruelty. In both senses, evil has two distinctly different connotations - goodness and evil - and we should think carefully about what we mean by 'good'evil' before we try to explain ethical disputes.

Even if you don't think that morality is a false concept, there is a lot to be said for focusing on moral issues. Ethics can help us to resolve arguments about the best way to live. By teaching us how to think and behave better, ethics can also teach us how to treat others - especially the poor and innocent. This means that ethics is not only useful to solve ethical problems - it can also help us make better friends and work relationships. Ethics can also help us learn to appreciate ourselves and those around us, and to value things that we don't normally value - things like friendship, kindness, generosity, understanding, forgiveness - for themselves.

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