Quarian Name Generator

This generator of names will give you 15 names appropriate to the Mass Effect games Quarian race. The Quarians are a humanoid race that resembles humans, but in a smaller, thinner form and with some modifications, such as having just 3 fingers and toes (2 for males), more arched legs and different ears. The Quarians are known for their technical abilities, most notably the development of the Geth, who were Robots servant. However, as they started to become more sentient, the Quarians began to fear the Geth. They lost, and were exiled when they attempted to kill the Geth. As a result, they now navigate space in a fleet of salvaged ships, which is important in their names. The Quarians now have a very poor immune system because they have lived so long in a sterile world. Both Quarians thus wear high-tech suits to shield them. However, these suits make it difficult to differentiate between the Quarians, which is why Quarians exchange names whenever they meet. The names of the Quarians are 4 parts. First their personal name and their clan name, separated by an apostrophe. Then a word, either 'nar,' meaning 'child of' or 'vas,' meaning 'crew of.' The last element is the name of the ship in which they live and are thus either born on or element of the crew. The names of the ships may be pretty much anything, as some of the ships they own are not created by the Quarians but merely saved. This generator favors Quarian sounding ship names slightly but it also produces other forms.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

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