Basotho Name Generator

This name generator produces 15 Basotho names in brackets and their meanings. Most names are exclusive to one gender but there are also unisexual names. The Basotho (or Sotho People) are an ethnic group in Africa and have a population of around five million, but the majority of them live in South Africa and Lesotho. The definition is generally chosen simply because the parents like it, but often it also has a special significance for the parents.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Basotho (pronounced: bah-sow-THO or: beh-soo-thoh-tah) people are mostly concentrated in the eastern part of South Africa, in the Transkei, Gauteng, Free State and Eastern Cape provinces, and with a few scattered groups in Zambia and Namibia. They belong to Khoza, a group of southern African ethnic groups whose ancestors came from the Zambezi River and spread across Africa to settle in the Middle East. The Khoza then migrated to Southern Africa, including the Transkei, where they have been settling since long ago. The Basotho have their own culture and dialect, so the people are divided into different groups like Khoza, Bantu, Ngoni, Zulus and Makhonjwa. The name Basotho comes from the Basuto people of the Zambezi. Most of the population is of mixed ethnicity, which means that most of the people are either white or black, but there are some isolated people, mainly in the Eastern Cape who still uses traditional names like Bantu and Ngoni.

A region's name can reveal a lot about the history and culture of the people. For example, the region known as Blyde River Valley is a popular area for Basotho people to travel due to the fertile land in the region. It has a lot of fertile land with a number of lakes, rivers, ditches and Riverside. The region has an arable land with the abundance of wheat, barley and corn. Some other crops include cassava, sorghum, okra, millet, etc.

The region has some historical places like Cape Point, the Great Migration Site, and Stellenbosch. There is also the Gevorka Mountains, which is the highest peak in Southern Africa. The regions have a number of historical sites like Umfolozi Game Reserve, and the Great Maasai Mara. Some of the cultural monuments include the Umfolozi Game Reserve. This place is home to many species of animals and birds. It is famous for its many wildlife species of birds like eland, bushbuck, gazelle, hyena, elephant, lioness, etc. It is also famous for its large numbers of leopards and big cats.