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This name generator will give you 15 names appropriate for the khajiit of the Elder Scroll games. They are nomadic in nature and give great agility to their feline bodies. They are also known for their knowledge and trade abilities. The naming of this generator consists of rules similar to how names tend to be generated in Elder Scroll games. Many Khajiits have a prefix for their name, but not all. This name signifies their place in some sort or type of life. Male prefixes and suffixes-Dar: clever, smart, clever. -- Dro: Patriarch, grandfather, wise man. -- Jo: Magician, a scholar, a respected individual. -- Ra: Chief (Clan, military unit).-Ra: chief. -- Ri: Kings, Mane (very uncommon title, male always). -- Da: Male unmarried. Female prefixes and suffixes-Daro: clever, wise, clever. -- Dra: Grandma, wise lady, matriarch. -- Ko: Spirit, healer, respected female ancestors. -- Yes: Chief-La: Female unmarried. -- Ka: Woman married. Prefixes and suffixes not precise – do: warrior, loved fighter. -- J / Yes / Ji: Young adult, baccalaureate. -- M / Ma: Boy, trainee. -- Qa: Uncertain value. -- S: Adult.-S: Adult. -- Sa: Uncertain value. -- Sha: Uncertain value. Notice that while some honorifics are noted as either masculine or feminine, I have seen the majority of genders used on NPCs. As for the nicknames, they seem to be influenced to a degree similar to their accents, in Indian and Arabic cultures. But since Khajiit Morrowind doesn't have any more last names (in the game), only half of the names created will be given a surname, except for those who want to use them.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Khajiit are among the ten playable races in The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim. They are a catlike, cunning animal race and were known to be the most accomplished thieves in the ancient past. Although Khajiit have evolved and developed over the centuries, they remain a fascinating race of characters and the player will enjoy their unique personalities as well as their intriguing history. Khajiit have a unique appearance, with long hair that falls to their shoulders and ears, but they also have strong features such as a thick bushy tail and small paws. They also sport catlike features such as whiskers and almond shaped eyes, as well as long, pointed ears, making them a beautiful race.

Khajiit were originally worshiped by the Thalmor in order to keep an eye on their society, as they saw the rise of a destructive warlord named Sheogorath. When the Emperor Uriel Septim II was betrayed by his own adviser, Pelinal Whitestrake, he appointed the sorcerer Sotha Sil to be Emperor of all the Empire, and Sotha Sil was given a fortress, the Temple of the Divines, in the Imperial City. Sotha Sil then established the Mages Guild and outlawed other schools of magic, such as those practiced by the ancient Akaviri. Khajiit were considered "impure" and were therefore barred from the Imperial City. However, they also found it difficult to live peacefully with other races. When the Tribunal Temple was established in the city and allowed Khajiit to become members, they started to live peacefully alongside their fellow Breton, Argonian, Dunmer, High Elf, Imperial, Nord, Redguard, or Khajiit.

The main plot in the Elder Scrolls game called "Skyrim" revolves around the story of the return of the three Aldmeri Dominion heroes, who had been forced into hiding due to the destruction of their homeland at the hands of the Thalmor. The game takes place in the province of Tamriel, where the main storyline begins with the rise of the Nords. As the game progresses, the story moves towards the continent of Nirn, home of the elven clans and the famous Khajiit people. A mysterious masked stranger known as the "Daggerfall Sorcerer" makes his presence felt and initiates a series of events that would change the face of the entire continent.

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