Kazon Name Generator (Star Trek)

This generator will create 15 random names that match for the Star Trek universe Kazon species. The Kazon is a species of humanoid beings that grow in clumps with bony ridges on their foreheads and bodies. They exist in 18 different sects, battling for the various resources that each sect possesses. The Kazon are often used by the Trabe as slave labor, which causes the Kazon to battle among themselves for the resources in an effort to hold them under their power. As far as names go, only Kazon males are called, and only about a dozen of them are present. However, the names follow the same patterns, which are two syllables often with more guttural sounds, but softer tones still exist. Such terms as Culluh, Sankur, Valek, and Loran.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Klingons are an alien race from the fictional planet of Star Trek. The name Klingon is believed to come from the Klingon language and translates into 'a warrior race'. This was the original name that was used for this alien race. The Klingons were also referred to as 'Warrior' when they first appeared on Star Trek, however, this has changed to "Warrior Race" in the recent TV series. The Klingon culture was extremely brutal and cruel, it seemed the only thing the Klingon race was capable of was war. In comparison to humans, they had more powerful weapons, and their culture was much more peaceful.

The Kazon race was introduced to Star Trek in the episode "The Trouble with Tribbles" and were portrayed as an extremely aggressive, warlike race. They were also shown to be extremely xenophobic, and as a result, would often attack members of the Federation on sight. They were also known to have taken a female crew member as a mate on a previous mission. In the show's pilot episode, the Kazon were introduced and the producers were given permission to create a Kazon character who would fight in the show's battles. When he appeared, he was played by Larry Hagman, but later he would make a transition to playing the role of Klingon warriors in the TV series.

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, the Kazon appear to have become friendly, as seen in the Animal Crossing: Wild World's section. The Kazon are highly aggressive species, which means that they tend to attack anything that they see as an enemy. This includes enemies inside the house, animals outside the house, humans and other members of the community if they are perceived to be an enemy, and anything else that belongs to another person. However, they have no qualms about taking a human or animal to their home to live with them. They appear to want to take in people and animals because of their own needs and will not take no for an answer.

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