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The Vikings were Norse people, who traded and plundered a large part of Europe as well as parts of Asia and North Africa from the 8th to the 11th centuries. There are many misconceptions concerning Vikings, most famous because they wore horny helmets, which they had not. But even their culture ranges from savage barbaric people to more civilized people through various perceptions. As far as names are concerned, Vikings did not know last names as much as many of us do now. Instead of an actual name, people are usually called the son or the daughter of a son, so the last names all end in either son (son of) or dottir (daughter of). This is exactly the same as the 'son' in contemporary names such as Michaelson.

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Most places in England have Viking names, but the Viking region is a region of its own. Most Viking names come from Scandinavia and Iceland, which are two countries that border England in one way or another. Most places in England still have Viking names, but most of the Viking regions of the north were absorbed into other areas of the English kingdom. In some places, the names were completely absorbed into English, such as in Bournemouth, Devon, Cornwall and Kent, for example. However, there were also some names that survived, such as in West Yorkshire, which is one of the few Viking counties in England.

Most of the Norsemen in this area were originally called Viking. The name means "warrior" in Latin, which is the language of the Vikings. They had a tendency to adopt nicknames, so "Viking" was probably the most common name for the Vikings. Many of their towns and villages have a Scandinavian feel to them, which can be attributed to their culture, traditions and language. The area surrounding West Yorkshire has many Viking names, such as Gillingham, the Viking town on the coast, and Rotherham, which were known as Gulliver's Rock at one point in time.

The Vikings were primarily seafaring people. They were very successful in sailing around the world and exploring new lands, but they didn't like to settle down anywhere because they wanted to explore. They were extremely territorial, so it was very important that no one would take over their territory. This meant that they settled in certain areas only, making sure that if the new settlers started moving into those areas, they were killed and replaced by someone else. Most Viking towns have kept their name, but other parts of England have changed their names to reflect their original purpose and culture. Some of the Viking towns that have kept their name are Alderley Common, Bangor in Norfolk, and York in England, for example.

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