Kithkin Name Generator (Magic: The Gathering)

This name generator will send you 15 random kithkin names fit for the Magic: The Gathering Universe. Kithkin are relatively tiny creatures that somehow resemble a cross between dwarves and elves. They are taller than dwarves, but typically don't reach higher than 4'5 "(135 cm). They have big, rounded ears and nose and are extremely agile and swift. In some ways they 're similar to hobbits, which was the original plan, but to prevent copyright disputes they've been modified and called kithkin instead.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Kithkin is an aggressive, fast, and agile race of humanoids, generally associated with blue mana. The first Kithkin card to have the creature type printed on it was Amrou Kithkin from Legends. These creatures are primarily green in coloration with a slight tint of blue to them. They are often associated with deserts or forested areas. These characteristics are the reason why they often appear in large numbers on the battlefield. Kithkin can be used for support as well as to make a large impact on the board by providing large amounts of powerful creatures.

A within deck may contain several of these creatures and may also use them to control the board. The main purpose of these creatures is to provide an advantage to the deck. These creatures can be very good at breaking through creature shields or can break through other defenses in order to do damage. When this happens, the creature will usually be able to survive long enough to kill off the defender. These creatures are generally used to kill off large amounts of smaller creatures which may be present in a game or to keep control of the board. The creatures in a deck which focus on creature removal are generally better options than a creature based deck. Removal is important in that it can keep smaller creatures at bay while allowing the larger creatures to continue to attack.

Kithkin do not have many creatures that have creature removal so they will generally use creatures like Shifter Zerus and Bloodhoof Grubs to protect themselves. They should use creatures such as Bloodhoof Changeling and Amrou Frostwolf to protect their larger creatures which provide a large amount of early game health or a combination of both. Some of the best creatures for a within deck are ones that provide a large amount of early game offense like Deathstalker Rexxar. A deck which uses a large amount of early game creatures will have more chances to survive and to have a strong offense when compared to a deck that relies on creature defense alone. A large number of early game creatures will also allow a deck to be able to attack with multiple creatures which is what you want to accomplish. if you are looking for a deck to compete with other players in a multiplayer format then you may want to include a large amount of early game creatures in your Kithkin deck.