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This generator name gives you 15 random Tswana names. Botswana is a relatively large nation in South Africa, but has a population of just over two million. The majority of these people are Tswana, an ethnic group that speak Bantu, and also live more than 4 million Tswana in South Africa. Botswana, like many (African) nations, has a tumultuous and violent past and by the 1960s became one of the poorest in the world. Botswana, however, has largely overcome its poverty, as it is now one of the largest and fastest growing economies in Africa. On average, their living standards are still modest. Tswana names are based on history and emotions. Children sometimes receive the name of their grandparents as their surname, but also also their personal name. But also these elders will receive respect, which not only keeps their memory alive, but works of some kind as a reincarnation.

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The Tswana tribe is closely related to the nation of Botswana, its name meaning "Land of the Swahili." But most of these tribes people live in the Northeastern part of South Africa, around Lake Bogmalo in Zululand, South Africa. Before the advent of democratic rule in 1994, this heavily populated region was a "freehold" known as Bophutatswana, meaning "the place of gathering of the Swahili." At that time, it was ruled by the Ngonkerewe peoples, who are now known as the Tswaini Tutsi. However, now the region has been incorporated into Botswana.

As early as the nineteenth century, the Tswanana language group had developed a writing system, which has been considered to be the oldest written language in the world. This is because, the majority of the population is believed to be descendants of ancient speakers of this Tswanana language. This group of tribal people is believed to have migrated from the regions of Swakopo, Ndongo and Masiphumelelele in Zimbabwe to settle on Zululand Lake Bogmalo. Their language and oral tradition were then transmitted to their descendants living in the areas of Marange, Bwata and Masiphumelelele in Zimbabwe.

The various different languages of Tswana were spread by their traders during the period of independence. These traders were known as the Kgaasavumu. Today, this region is considered one of Africa's most beautiful regions, owing largely to the large numbers of Tswanian speakers. Most of these people have succeeded in building up an integrated social, cultural and economic life. Today, many people of Tswanyan speak English as their native language. Today, many tourists come to this region for leisure and adventure.