Chinese Dragon Name Generator

This name generator will send you 15 random Chinese names of dragons. Chinese dragons are mythological creatures in many forms, but the most famous is the long and snakelike beast with four legs and no wings. Tortoises, birds, tigers, and imaginary creatures are also included. In Chinese mythology, the dragon symbolically symbolized force, prosperity, good luck and strength. Many of the names also use poetic symbols to add meanings. Unfortunately we know nothing about how to create names in a language, but we think we have at least partially managed to use and use existing name patterns in this generator. The names Qiulong and Shenlong, for instance, mean curling dragon and divine dragon, since 'long' signifies dragon. The name Longmu means Dragon Mother since the 'mu' in this name is taken from the mother's (muqin). We have followed these trends with the intention of mainly creating authentic names, but in some cases we have also taken false terms and simplified Chinese may also make it less authentic. In order to overcome this, I have inserted the terms that we have taken either the context or part of after each name in brackets. For instance, Longmu would be like 'Longmu (Dragon + Mother),' that way those who know Chinese could correct their names if they wanted.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Chinese dragon stories have been told for thousands of years and there are many different mythological and fairy tale influence. One of these influences is the Asian dragon. In the story of Feng Shui it is believed that a Chinese dragon symbolizes good luck and prosperity. Chinese dragons are considered lucky and auspicious. They are powerful magical beings which can bring rain and cause weather shifts.

Chinese dragon folklore and literature has been passed down through the ages and was developed by scholars and poets throughout Chinese culture. The most popular character in Chinese mythology is the dragon. It is said that a dragon was originally a small animal with four legs, but the legends tell us that dragons later evolved into the large and terrifying creatures we see today.

Chinese dragon names are not only used to refer to this great creature, but it is also associated with several different things such as love, luck, friendship, wisdom, courage, wisdom, power, wisdom, magic, and good fortune. Dragons are thought to be evil creatures and were often banished from the Chinese culture because of their bad qualities. However, dragons are also thought to be quite beneficial and have various abilities that enable them to help mankind.

Chinese dragon names are often given to children for a variety of reasons. Some children were born with dragon in the name of their parents. Others give the name of their parents, because the dragon in the middle represents a combination of the two parents. Some cultures believe that the dragon will come back to haunt a family and destroy everything, so they give a dragon name to all members of the family, and hope that the dragon will return.

In Chinese culture, the dragon is also believed to bring prosperity and good fortune. It is believed that the dragon's tail will spin faster and will eventually turn into gold when it is fully grown. Also, in China dragons can be seen as symbols of luck, wisdom, courage, and beauty.

Dragon folklore is very popular in many different cultures around the world and is used in literature and song. The dragon is one of the most popular characters of Chinese literature and one of the most important elements in the culture. In many places the dragon is seen as a magical creature, often in the form of a dragon dance, or as a dragonfly.

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