Animal Species Name Generator

This name generator creates names for (mostly) non-existent, fantasy-friendly animal species. Because of the random nature of this generator, though, you can get the name of an actual animal every once and a while. This generator can produce 3 different names. The first 4 names are animal names and an adjective. For instance: 'Almond Albatross.' The next two names will be animal names or special titles. For instance: 'Flame-Eyed Mongoose.' The last four names will be combined with two animal names, creating a new species (with some imagination). The Avatar (Last Airbender / Korra) series, such as the Turtle Duck and the Lion-Turtle, provide a great example.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

In zoology, the study of animal behavior, there are various classes of animal species known as families or groups. The word "family" is derived from the Latin word "familia" which means household or family. The word "group" is derived from the Greek word "gkronos", which means household or family. Many of the animals in the family or group are members of the same species, but the term "species" is used to refer to any number of these animals. Animal classification is done by recognizing characteristics common to all members of a given group.

Animals (sometimes called Metazoan) are all multicellular eukaryotes that form the living biological kingdom Animalia. With many exceptions, all animals breathe air, eat organic matter, can move, reproduce sexually, and develop from a hollow sac of cells called the blastula through their early stages of life. Some animal groups contain many members that live together and reproduce sexually. Most mammals and birds belong to one of at least four major groups; a number of these groups are classified by the presence of a characteristic trait that allows them to be differentiated from other members of their group. Among the groups with many members, there may be a special form of an animal that is unique to that group. This group is then classified as a subspecies of the entire group.

The classification of animal species has been important throughout history, because many animals are considered to be part of the human beings' ecosystem. Many species have had significant beneficial effects on human society and culture, such as domesticated animals for use in agriculture or animals used for scientific research, as well as the more controversial domestication of animals for sport. Because of the importance of animal classification in determining animal rights, it should not be confused with anthropocentricism.

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