Skeksis Name Generator (The Dark Crystal)

This name generator will send you 15 random names appropriate for The Dark Crystal universe's Skeksis portion. Skeksis are weird bird-reptile hybrids formed as a result of a splitting urSkek into two beings. The Skeksis is the materialistic, aggressive component of this break. They 're the driving force behind the suffering and misery that the other Thra-living beings have to contend with in the film and Netflix series. They remain related to their counterparts in the UrRu. If one of them is feeling discomfort, then so is the other. When one dies, the other does likewise. It's an enduring reminder they 're not just a single entity despite the Skeksis behaving much like it. Skeksis names consist of the first half of a skek-prefixed urSkek name. Therefore titles such as skekAyuk, skekSil and skekShod. They are defined as being sexless so by default names are unisex. Nevertheless, despite this, skekSa (and her counterpart: urSan) was deemed girl. Even so, this name fits the same rules as other names, but in terms of their names it does not change anything.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Skeksis were an evil race from the planet of Thra who desired the powers of the seven crystals. They were also known as the Dark Crystal or the Evil Ones because of their evil nature and they lived among the Gelflings. They are selfish, arrogant, pompous and deeply obsessed with cheating death at their expense. The Skeksis were not originally from Thra; instead they were able to gain access to the crystal using their advanced technologies and use its power to rule over the less advanced and rustic Gelflings. They built a huge citadel around the Dark Crystal and harnessed its powers secretly in order to prolong their lives.

A long time ago, the Great Evils ruled over the world, and it was because of their powers that created the Dark Crystal. After their demise, the world was then saved. However, the world soon found out that there were seven crystal sepsis who were responsible for creating the Dark Crystal, and they were plotting the demise of the world. These evil beings possessed a powerful lust for life and loved to cheat death at the cost of others. When the Skeksis discovered that they were trapped in the Dark Crystal, they immediately began to create a scheme to escape their imprisonment. Their first plan was to turn the Dark Crystal into a weapon that would destroy the world's civilization. Although they were unsuccessful in their attempt, they eventually escaped to the planet of Thra and plotted more schemes.

Eventually, the dark Skeksis found that they could not live with themselves and that they needed to be punished. They began to plan to escape their prison and travel back to Thra where they would be able to kill the other Skeksis. When the evil beings finally found another opportunity to escape, the Gelflings finally turned on them. The Gelflings used their powers of dark magic to destroy the Skeksis and steal the Dark Crystal. When the evil beings failed to make a full recovery and could not create another crystal, they left Thra forever. and never returned to the planet again. It is said that the only thing that remains of the original Skeksis is the skeletal remains.

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