Miqo'te Name Generator (Final Fantasy)

This generator will send you 15 names that match the Miqo'te race from the World of Final Fantasy. The Miqo'te are a feline humanoid species. They have cat paws, a tail, varying eyes and skin colours. There are also large leg muscles which have been formed by hunting and predatory behaviors. There are 2 types of Miqo'te, each with its own naming conventions. The first are the Sun's seekers. These Miqo'te lives revolve around the sun in their lives and are thus busy during the day. The first five names in this generator belong to the Sun's seekers. The Sun's searchers have great significance. There were 26 clans following the mass migration, resulting in every clan having its own alphabet letter. New clans can be created and they have to select a combination of 2 letters, like "De" or "Ma." A clan is led by one male who will be the last name "Nunh." A man can only be a Nunh by destroying the current Nunh or by establishing his own clan, but he will have to have plenty of women. The other Miqo'te are the Keepers of the Sky, they are nocturnal, as you have probably learned already. The Moon Keepers have a very matriarchal naming pattern. Males are assigned their mother's name with one of the following suffixes, which are accompanied by a personal name, depending on their birth order. They are like the following: 'a (first born), 'to (second), 'li (third),' 'sae (fourth), 'ra (fifth),' 'ir (sixth). But since many more women are born, 'sae' and higher numbers are often not used. The last five names in this generator are Moon Names Keepers.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

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