Outpost Name Generator

This name generator provides 15 random outpost names from strongholds and citadels in a medieval-type fantasy setting to the new exploration station on a foreign planet. The first 5 names are names consisting of two words combined to form a new word. It's also followed by a type of outpost, so you have names such as Crystalwing Haven and Deathbridge Outpost. The last five names are names of single words, followed by an outpost type. You get names like Azure Bastille and Oracle Message. The first 5 names are usually more susceptible to strange names because of randomization, but most names work in various settings.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

A fort or an outpost is a collection of buildings inhabited by pillagers (enemy characters). These are the same building that is present in the game called Dwarf Fortress. However, unlike Dwarf Fortress, you need not build it in a specific location. You just have to choose an appropriate location in your fortress. In a fort, the fortress is built on a particular piece of ground. Usually this is a mountain or a hill.

A fortress consists of a single story structure, usually with four to five rooms and an entrance. The walls and floor must be reinforced with iron bars. On the other hand, an outpost consists of a wall and a roof with one or more rooms and a door or some other way of entering and exiting. Most outposts are occupied by enemies, but not all of them. Some are occupied by neutral animals and humans. The purpose of the fort or outpost is to keep an enemy out, so that they cannot build a fortress inside the location. Thus a fortress and an outpost do not have to be the same structure in order to serve the same function.

However, a fort or outpost must have some distinguishing features in order to be distinguishable from a fortress. For instance, a fort is usually located in the center of the map, and it has a gate leading into the rest of the fortress. A fort or outpost, on the other hand, is generally outside of the map and its purpose is to keep the enemy away. A fort has a gate which allows access to only a few rooms and a wall which keep the other structures out of the main building. A fort also has several rooms for storing items that are not being used on a daily basis, such as food, clothes, weapons and equipment. A fort or outpost, however, is usually occupied by human enemies who carry weapons and armor, some even having their own armor, thus preventing your fortress from being undefended.

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