Chua Name Generator (Wildstar)

This generator gives you fifteen random names for the Chua part of the Wildstar universe. The Chua are small, animal-like creatures such as dogs , cats and rodents. In spite of their small ferocious looks, Chua has unbelievable know-how in technologies, industry and chaos, and this is what formed part of their speedy growth in their world. Short, playful, but not too high. There is no distinction between names of men and women, at least not external names, and Chua cares not enough to make a difference, if any, known to the outside world.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Chua race is an Alliance race that you can choose when starting a new character. They are the smallest race available in the game but are not the weakest. They are also one of the most versatile, thanks to their unique ability to regenerate stamina while on the move. They can be very strong at melee, but will suffer from ranged damage greatly. Their stamina regeneration makes them very durable at close quarters. For these reasons, they are popular as a tank and a healer.

If you have the Wildstar expansion, you can get the Chua name from two different places - the skill trainer in the beginning of the game, or the new item Wildstar named the Chua Gift. Wildstar offers a special ability called "Haste" that the player character gets when they first pick up the Wildstar title. While it may seem a useless skill on its own, it actually allows the player to regenerate stamina faster by doing various things, such as holding down an item. After gaining a certain amount of stamina, you need to wait for one second before using "Haste." After this period, all of your stamina regenerates, including the Stamina when you sprint. You can use Stamina while on the move to regenerate stamina faster and avoid damaging yourself with ranged attacks.

You will earn your first Chua in Wildstar once you start playing the game, but there is a trick you can use to find them later. You should go into a zone and look for plants. When you see some, hold down on them and drag them to the ground. This will help you find any plants in the zone that match your race, gender, or level. Once you find a plant, try picking it up. Once you have found them, make sure to speak to them and learn their names!

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