Snivvian Name Generator (Star Wars)

This name generator will produce 15 names appropriate for the Star Wars universe Snivvian species. Snivvians are humanoid beings with tiny eyes, thick hides, protruding snouts with wide nostrils, and short fangs, which also earn them the Snaggletooth nickname. Snivvians are recognised as writers as well as visual artists for their artistic abilities but also in music. This is partly due to the climate of their planet, because they have to endure long, harsh winters which force them to spend long underground periods of time. Often they perfect their artistic skills during these times. Snivvian names are a mixture of harsh and melodic tones. A few examples of this are 'Geezum,' 'Sizinnian,' and 'Toirboggle.' Female names appear to follow the same trends, so all names may be considered unisex. That's focused on only three female names, however, compared to a few dozen male names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Snivvian, also known as Snaggletoos, were extremely intelligent, humanoid, sapient species native to the green planet of Cadomai Prime. They had small mouths and long sharp teeth. The winters on this world were very long and harsh, particularly for Snivvian natives. As a result, Snivvian were often seen with large, fur covered snouts which they used as weapons. Snivvian a long lived, aggressive, and intelligent species. Their appearance is very similar to that of a human.

Snivvian's main goals in life were to hunt and eat the largest variety of food in their surroundings. Because Snivvian hunted for food on the surface of their planet, it was necessary to be able to breathe air. Snivvian had no internal organs or lungs. They would instead expel toxins through their skin, through their hair, and into the ground, hoping to suck up enough nutrients for a prolonged stay in their home world. Snivvian was quite sociable and friendly, but they rarely stayed in one place for very long. Instead, they traveled from hunting grounds to hunting grounds. They were carnivores by nature and had only recently started to develop insectivory.

Snivvian also had the ability to communicate through a series of chirps and clicks. They were not very vocal about their needs, however. They were rather solitary species, preferring to live in caves or underground for most of their lives. In times of war they would often join with fellow Snivvian soldiers and battle each other in a deadly struggle. This was a very exciting way to pass the time.

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