Dalek Name Generator (Doctor Who)

This generator produces 15 random names in the cult of Skaro, identical to the four called Daleks. None of the other Daleks is named but because they are such a common and emblematic villain, we have nevertheless decided to set up a generator for them. Daleks are genetically modificated creatures, originally called the Kaleds, who have become cyborgs with a robotic shell around them. Through their genetic changes, their humanity, humanity and guilt have been lost which soon lead to the Daleks feeling superior to all other races and their attempted extinction and conquest of all these races. Fortunately all names follow a reasonably similar pattern, so for the names produced here we used these characteristics.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Who is the Doctor Who's first Dalek? The Doctor, played by Matt Smith is an alien Time Lord and he is from a different time period. Doctor Who was launched by Russell T. Davies to the British science fiction television series on BBC two. The first Dalek was called the Omega Daleks in Series Two. The first Doctor Who story was called "The Dalek Invasion of Earth". The original name for Doctor Who is called "Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour". The Doctor Who stories that are made into films are referred to as the Doctor Who movie series.

A Dalek comes from another time period called the Time War. The Doctor Who universe is set against an alien backdrop. There are two factions from this time period in this universe called the Cybermen and the Daleks. The Cybermen are enemies of the Doctor Who. In the later episodes of Doctor Who, the Cybermen take over Gallifrey and they kill everyone who does not have a Dalek on their body. When the Doctor regenerates, he is able to kill the Cybermen with his energy beam gun.

The Daleks were the enemies of the Cybermen. They were also a race of Cybermen. The Doctor was first known as a Time Lord in an alternate version of his life in which he was a member of the Time Lord race. This version of Doctor Who's history was not seen. He did not travel back in time to do battle with his arch nemesis. The Doctor was called simply the Doctor in this alternate timeline.

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