Hobbit Name Generator (Lord Of The Rings)

This generator of hobbit names will give you 15 random names that match for the Lord of the Rings universe. The distinction between this generator and the Lord of the Rings Online generators is that in terms of sticking to tradition, those names are far more stringent. The LOTR Online generators are less restrictive since other players will already take most of the titles, so you'll need more options to choose from. The names in the Lord of the Rings universe is based on the known names of hobbits. There are a few laws in terms of naming which the hobbits obey. Female hobbits prefer to be named after jewels and flowers, whereas male hobbits have names that appear to be one of three forms, either a geological name, a descriptive name, or a name that has no real meaning. This generator only has current names from the world of the Lord of the Rings, but new and unique first names do exist.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The story of Bilbo Baggins was told to the hobbits as a story about a great wizard who lived in the West-end of Bagshot. It is believed by most people that Bilbo Baggins was the son of a blacksmith, called Dwalin. A man called Gandalf was a great wizard and a leader of many elves, especially in the Third Age. Gandalf came from a noble family. He lived with the hobbits in the Shire, where they were originally called "Hobbits." Hobbits were an arid, desert-dwelling race, believed to be closely related to Men, but they were not very tall. Hobbits mostly lived underground, in dark and damp places, playing little part in society, until the time of The War of the Ring.

When the hobbits journeyed to the West-end of Bagshot, they found their new home in the town of Tookland. At this time, they were governed by a king named Thranduil, who lived in Rivendell and ruled over the whole realm. Many elves stayed at Rivendell, but the king kept only a few and sent them to Tookland as servants. This meant that the king and queen, Elrond and Galadriel, lived in the same house and were related.

The hobbits enjoyed great prosperity under the rule of Thranduil, as well as with the help of many elves. When the Lord of the Rings trilogy was written, the hobbits became more famous and their names were known all over Middle Earth. The Lord of the Rings was very popular, not only because it was a popular book but because of the popularity of the hobbits. The hobbits became heroes to a huge number of fans. The book was a huge success, selling millions of copies, and winning many awards. The movie version of The Lord of the Rings has become very popular as well, and is very much in demand.

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