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This generator of names will give you 15 names which match the Mass Effect games Batarian race. The Batarians are an enigmatic race of four-eyed creatures, very similar to humanoid snakes or amphibians. Outside their home world, the Batarians are usually corrupt business people who participate in drug and slave trafficking. Not all Batarians are like that, though, least of all those on the Batarian homeplanet. However, the government, which has become very suspicious, forbids them from leaving. Their four eyes also make other species nervous, as they are uncertain which pair they should look at during a conversation. The Batarians would happily take advantage of this inconvenience to make sure they get the better end of the bargain. Although different, the Batarian names tend to be pretty straight forward in terms of how they are made, so ideally you can find plenty of names in this generator to your liking. As some other races, however, samples of the female names were very rare. 'Jella' is the only female Batarian name we found and the sound of her name is loosely based on all female names in this generator.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Although the term "Batarian" was created for humans from the Mass Effects trilogy, this is also the first species of alien in the series. There are a few facts about Batarian that should be known by all Mass Effect fans. They are a species of bat-like creatures that originated from the planet Eden Prime and have been in the distant past, living among humans. These bat-like beings have a wide variety of appearances, but the most common among them are their ability to make their skin glow.

When the humans of the Earth found out that a group of bat-like creatures called the Kettru were being manipulated by a rogue faction of barbarians into war against humanity, the Alliance of Independent Systems (AIS) was formed. This alliance was headed by the Human Councilor Shepherd and was made up of humans from around the galaxy, including the human player character, Shepard. AIS was a secret organization that was founded by a group of batarian defectors, which was run by a group of batarian officers, including the mysterious Sovereign. The humans of AIS were able to recruit some of these batarian officers to form the Batarian Alien Resource Center or BARC. They later became members of the Alliance and soon formed one of its main branches, the Council of Humans. At one point, Batarian soldiers served under the command of the Joker. Since then, the Batarian race has been on a constant war with the humans and the Reapers.

When the Normandy docks at the Citadel, the Council member, Archangel, mentions that the Kettru-Batarian conflict may be the most intense since the Third Age. However, during the mission for the Normandy to reach Mars, it is revealed that Shepard was unaware of the batarian alliance with the humans, even though he had been aware of their existence for sometime before. After the mission, Shepard goes back to Eden Prime and the Council of Humans informs Shepard that the Batarian alliance has joined the Alliance. When Shepard returns to the Batarian world, the Batarian Alliance is ready to fight alongside the Alliance against the Reapers. The two sides will then go to Mars and battle each other to determine the fate of the Batarian race. In addition to their loyalty to the Alliance, the Batarian race also has a strong sense of honor and loyalty towards their leader, Batarian Spectre Mordin Solus. and his wife Tali'Zorah and Rayes.

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