(Scientific) Dinosaur Name Generator

This generator of names will offer 15 random scientific names for dinosaurs, including the meaning of the name. The names are all based on how dinosaurs are called, but we concentrated only on Greek and Latin (mostly Greek) names. Some dinosaurs have Chinese names and some of them have a different language name. All dinosaurs named after someone who had discovered it or where they had been discovered were ignored, they typically end up in 'ia' such as 'Avalonia' and 'Othnielia.' So, if you want that kind of name, you can do it like that.The names of dinosaurs may seem a bit complex if you don't know Greek, particularly longer names, but they really are simple. The names are descriptive, so the names like 'hollow-backed tail' and 'easy spinning lizard' are very good. Tyrannosaurus Rex refers to the term 'Tyrant Lizard (Saurus) King (Rex)' and to 'Fast (Veloci) Plunderer (Raptor)' by Velociraptor. So if you're looking for a personalized name for your dinosaur, take its leading attribute and translate it into Greek. Note that this translation aspect can be difficult since the Greek uses a different alphabet.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

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