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This generator will create fifteen random Frisian names. The Frisians are the people of Frisia on the northern coast of the Netherlands and Germany. The large majority of Friesian-speeches are in the Netherlands part of Frisia, which is possibly why it was so easy to find many Frisian names of Dutch origin and almost not to find any German origin. Friesian is a well-known language in both countries and it is quite different from the official languages. This generator therefore focuses only on Dutch names, although some names work like a German name too, but we have simply discovered too few of them to distinguish them. If you have a list of Friesian names of German origin, please contact us.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Frisian is the most spoken language in the North Sea region of Europe. Its official name is Frisian and it is a member of the Germanic tribe. The Frisians have their roots in the northern part of North Germany. There are four main dialects in the region including North Frisian, South Frisian, East Frisian, and West Frisian. The word Frisian can also be used for other regions. The language is used extensively in the Netherlands and on the other side of the border in Belgium. In some countries, Frisians use this dialect as their official language, while in others, they use a variant of Dutch or Norwegian.

Many linguists say that the origin of Frisian's words can be traced to the Germanic tribes who occupied the area around 100 BC. In fact, most of the Frisians speak both Germanic and Frisian dialects to some degree. Frisian has several dialects and they are known as Frisians dialects. The four main dialects include North Frisian, South Frisian, East Frisian, and West Frisian.

You may want to consider learning a few Frisian names for your own reasons. For example, if you are planning to travel to the area, then you should consider looking for a name of a local person, place or animal. This will help you when you encounter these people. Moreover, if you are going for a Frisian name for a newborn baby, then there are several good tips for you.

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