Silurian Name Generator (Doctor Who)

The generator will produce 15 random names appropriate for Doctor Who Universe's Siluarians. The Silurians are Earth-born humanoid reptilians. They predate people and are highly advanced technologically. They can also bring back extinct animals, as they have achieved with some dinosaur fossils. The Silurians can vary greatly in appearance since there are several sub-species. Some sub-species have a third eye with which they can telepathically interact, some of them have 5 eyes, others have just 3 or 4, others have little mouths, while others have large mouths, and so on. Both male and female names typically have 2 long syllables, but male names often have 3 long syllables.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Silurian race are very alien species from the long running British science fiction television show Doctor Who. The Silurian race first appeared in Doctor Who's sixth season episode "The Seeds of Death" and were designed by Malcolm Hulke, a former illustrator for Vogue. They were later referred to as the Silurian, after the planet where they originated from, the planet was named Silura. It is unknown how much time passed since the planet's destruction before Doctor Who was created. The Silursians were also referred to as the Time Silurians because they were said to have a form of Time Lord regeneration.

This version of the Silurian species was designed by Malcolm Hulke, who had no previous experience in this particular area of design. However, when it came to actually working with these creatures, he had a lot of fun with it. One of his main concerns was that the Silursians would be too difficult to animate. To alleviate this concern, Hulke incorporated a lot of facial movements into the animation, which made them appear more lifelike. His biggest challenge, though, was making sure that the creatures looked real. As the show progressed, he became even more comfortable with the technology, but he always wanted to stay on top of the software to ensure that all the Silurian animations were as close to their original version as possible.

There were a lot of different things about the Silurian race that helped make them so unique, in particular, Malcolm Hulke's style of art. It is interesting to note, though, that these creatures were never really explained in any detail in the classic episodes. The character names were derived from the words that were spoken by the Doctor, and the actual creatures were never actually seen or heard, although there were some pictures that could be seen when the Silurus were regenerating. The Doctor has mentioned in several interviews that he didn't like the Silurans because they were so alien, but he has always maintained that there were so many similarities between the Silurus and the crew that the similarities seemed quite logical, rather than being a deliberate ploy by the writers. Regardless, of what the reason was, the Silurian race is definitely a fascinating one, as the Doctor himself revealed in an interview.