Celtic Scottish Name Generator

This generator will generate 15 random scottish names. Note that this generator does not always use the same supernames for both sexes. While this is generally correct today, the surname system used to be very much based on a patronymic system (son and daughter of the son). But since that isn't true today and doesn't apply to all names (mainly the 'Mac' names), this generator doesn't even use that system.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

There are three main Celtic cultural regions; the Lowlands, the South of Ireland and the Western Isles. In fact there is a Grecian region in each of these areas. There is no single cultural area or Celtic culture; however, there are distinct geographic and historical links between these areas that all have Celtic heritage. The Irish language and culture were brought to Ireland through a Celtic influx; but the language has changed considerably since that time. The Irish language has two separate pronunciations - Standard and Gaillic. Standard English has been developed from both languages with some sound changes in between the two. The Irish language has one pronunciation, which has been used in the United States for more than a hundred years, and which was once the preferred pronunciation of many native speakers.

The Scottish region of Scotland is the home of the Olde world English language which has a long association with the Celtic dialects. The word Olde world English literally means the 'age of the world language'. The Olde world English dialect evolved from Old English, which is itself a Celtic dialect. In Olde world English, many words were borrowed from Welsh and Scottish. The language has had a lot of influences over time; the influence that is most apparent is that many words from Welsh have been borrowed into Olde world English. There are many examples of these borrowings, including such words as 'yarn', 'tea'tart'. Some of the more common Olde world English words that have a Celtic link include 'grape', 'rose'fishing'.

The Western Isles, which have become part of the United Kingdom, are made up of three main linguistic areas: Ayrshire, Angus, and Renfrewshire. Each area has a unique dialect. The language in the Western Isles is Old English, which is of Celtic origin. Some of the Old English words have come from Welsh and vice versa; but there are also words that have an Old English origin and come from Welsh. For example, 'golf' comes from a Welsh word meaning 'cavity' and was borrowed into Old English from the West Saxons. The language of Scotland is known as Scottish. and has its own unique set of vocabulary and pronunciation. Scottish words that were borrowed by the English language include'sea'fury'.

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