Kryptonian Name Generator (DC Universe)

This generator will give the Kryptonian race component of the DC Comics Universe 15 random names. The Kryptonians are humanoid beings from the planet Krypton. In certain versions, Kryptonians gain power by consuming their solar energy from a yellow star. This makes them skills considered super human to people on Earth and Superman can be as strong on Earth thanks to our light. The exact strengths and weaknesses vary from storyline to storyline, but super fastness, super strength, x-ray vision and warm vision are a few examples of Kryptonian force. Kryptonian names follow a patronymic family and family lines. Men usually have a short name with a suffix that suggests their ancestry. Kal-El's a name like that. "El" means Kal is from house El, which has "star" translated. Women typically have a brief melodic name and either their husband's or their father's name. Two examples are Lara Lor-Van and Alura Zor-El.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

What's a Kryptonian? A.KRYPTON - An ancient Kryptonian name meaning star. Instead of destroying Krypton, like Green Kryptonite does, it takes the super-powers of their inhabitants. If a Kryptonian is left to die, they can be reborn into a new body. Sometimes, if a Kryptonian is not killed, their powers go out of control and they can't be brought back to a new body. They are left in a decaying state, not being able to regenerate. This is one reason that a few Kryptonians have been left stranded on Earth.

B.KLORAM - A title that is given to any member of the species, including Superman. It means "Star of Light." In this title, a person who possesses the super powers of the starlight is called a KLORAM. If a person is born with the starlight in their blood stream, it could be an indication that they were a Kryptonian. They also have the ability to create matter, energy, and other objects out of nothing.

C.LEWIS - A title given to any member of the species. It means "Man of Light." They have the ability to fly, absorb and project light, and have the ability to make anyone else's emotions feel like their own. LEX DIMPLES - A title given to any member of the species. It means "The Shade of Man." Their ability to produce heat and light is similar to what a human has. Their powers are more refined than humans, but still very powerful.

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