Kubaz Name Generator (Star Wars)

This name generator will create 15 names appropriate for the Star Wars universe Kubaz species. The Kubaz are a long snout humanoid species with two rows of teeth and a very responsive nose. These snouts are used on their home planet to consume insects in the Kubaz's hives, which are devoid of most types of vegetation. Their eyes are often sensitive to red wavelengths, so they wear masks that cover both their eyes and snout if they fly to solar systems with a red or yellow star. Kubaz names are typically dominated by harsher tones, but some names lean more towards melodic. This, at least, is the case for male titles. Just one Kubaz woman is known: Zabin. We used that name for the names in this generator, and a little influence from the male names. However, you might consider all names unisex, as Zabin certainly falls into the conventions on male names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Kubaz are insectivorous species indigenous to the planet Kubindi on the Outer Rim. These insects had long been known as "pilgrims" as they traveled to the outer rim of the galaxy looking for new planets to settle. Although many of their cultures and customs have been lost over time, their main purpose is to collect materials that can be used by their kind. However, they also make use of the moisture present in local atmospheres in order to survive in the cool climate of other worlds, such as the desert planet of Mustafar. To this end, Kubaz were able to colonize the galaxy.

As mentioned above, Kubaz were originally called "pilgrims." The term evolved from their habit of gathering together and living in large groups in large tents called Kubizel. However, as the species spread through the galaxy, the term "Kubaz" came about and eventually became "Kubizel." As a result of their adaptability to different habitats, these insects were able to find their way into nearly every culture and civilization. Kubaz have also adapted to their different environments and adapted to various environments and civilizations. In fact, their origins are actually quite intriguing. Some experts believe that Kubaz are descendants of the insectoid race called the Kowakians who colonized the icy world of Mustafar and in their travels found a suitable environment and adapted to it.

Kubaz have always had one goal in mind: to create a utopia in the form of an empire. They have adopted the old methods of building empires: warlords, spies, kidnapping innocent people and sending them to remote areas so that they can serve as the population base for the empire. However, their main goal has become to take over the galaxy and transform themselves into the ultimate Galactic Emperor of the Galactic Republic. Therefore, they often go about it the old fashioned way: by stealing secrets and trying to manipulate the Galactic Senate itself to achieve their goal. However, their ultimate goal of transforming themselves into the Galactic Emperor has been thwarted time and again, and the Galactic Senate has continued to watch and keep watch as their own leaders try to steal the throne from them.

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